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Patients who are at the Sungai Buloh Hospital patients are referred from the Department of Emergency Medicine and patients from the specialist clinics. When a patient arrives at the Department of Emergency Medicine, the patient will be taken to meet with the Medical Assistant (MA) at the front counter Department of Emergency Medicine.

The patients at the counter will be asked why patients come to the hospital and small checks (blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate, etc.) will be done there.

You must carry an ID card to facilitate the registration process. Information required during the registration includes the name, address, phone numbers, relatives' names and so on. After this you should go to the counter to any payment required (if necessary). After that, the patient must wait in the waiting area is provided.
Please wait your turn patiently. You will be treated based on the severity of your illness.

Required Documents

Please bring the following documents when coming to the hospital for treatment:

  • Identity Card / Birth Certificate / Passport
  • Pensioner card
  • Letter School (if applicable)
  • Reference Letter From Doctors
  • Letter of Guarantee / Money For deposit or payment service

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