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Deposit Ward Inpatient

Deposit Kemasukan Ke Wad


Collateral Fee For Inpatient

  Patients Categories / Classes Ward
Discipline Ward Malaysian Foreigner
Class 1 Class 2
Class 3
Class 1 Class 2
Class 3
Medical RM 700.00 RM 200.00 RM 20.00 RM 4,000.00 RM 2,800.00 RM 2,500.00
Surgery RM 1,100.00 RM 400.00 RM 30.00 RM 5,100.00 RM 3,300.00 RM 3,000.00
Maternity / Gynecologists RM 800.00 RM 350.00 RM 15.00 RM 3,900.00 RM 3,300.00 RM 3,000.00

* For patients who have UNHCR cards - charges apply DEPOSIT half (1/2) of an FOREIGNER deposit rates.

If you Directed Admission

  • Public Citizen Malaysia and Foreigners must pay the security deposit as specified during registration.
  • Government employees must submit a Letter of Government Employees issued by the Department where patients / beneficiaries duty. (Please inform the counter staff if the patient / beneficiary to use GL HRMIS online, and enclose it with no. IC patients / beneficiaries concerned to facilitate counter staff find data of patients / beneficiaries in the system HRMIS)
  • Government Pensioners must submit a copy of the pensioner cards Retirement Card during registration.
  • Private staff who are registered with the Ministry of Health must submit a Letter of Private Enterprises patients / beneficiaries are exempted from the duty to pay the deposit.
  • Student / Public IHL Students must submit a Letter of students from the school / university.

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