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Admission Deposit to Ward


Collateral/Security Charges for ward Admission

 Patient category / ward class
Ward disciplineMalaysian citizenNon-Malaysian citizen
1st class2nd class3rd class1st class2nd class3rd class
Medical RM 700.00 RM 200.00 RM 20.00 RM 7,000.00 RM 3,000.00 RM 1,400.00
Surgery RM 1,100.00 RM 400.00 RM 30.00 RM 11,000.00 RM 5,000.00 RM 3,000.00
Maternity / Gynecology RM 800.00 RM 350.00 RM 15.00 RM 7,000.00 RM 5,000.00 RM 3,000.00

 *For patients with a UNHCR card - DEPOSIT Charge is half (1/2) of the Non-Malaysian citizen deposit rate.

If You Are Directed To be Admitted into a Ward

  • Malaysian and Non-Malaysian citizen must pay the specified security deposit during registration.
  • Government staff are required to submit a Government Staff Verification Letter issued by the Department where the patient / heir is working. (Please inform the counter staff if the patient / heir would like to use the online HRMIS GL, and provide the patient / heir identification card number to facilitate the counter staff in finding patient / heir details from the HRMIS system)
  • Government pensioners must show their pension card along with a copy of the pension card during registration.
  • Private employees registered with MOH must submit a Private Company Guarantee Letter where the patient / beneficiary is working to be exempted from paying the deposit.
  • School Students / Public Higher Learning Students need to submit a Student Confirmation Letter from the relevant school / institution.

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