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An Emergency Department Charges


Charges  Citizen Not a Citizen
Emergency RM 1.00 Foreigner - RM 100.00
UNHCR - RM 50.00
Observation ward Charges Bed - RM 3.00

Charges Bed - Foreigner - RM 160.00
- UNHCR - RM 80.00

* Please make payment before attending the session.

Those Excluded From Payment

  • Government employees who receive a letter of confirmation from the employer
  • Students with student confirmation letter
  • Card holders Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) registered from the Social Welfare Department (SWD)

Investigation Charges

  • Patients citizens - no other charges except charges RM3.00 Bed
  • Patients Foreigner - Registration and UNHCR RM100.00 RM50.00 not include other investigations and treatment.

* For patients who have UNHCR cards - Charge fees apply half (1/2) of the price charged FOREIGNERS.

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