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Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology



Orthopedic and Traumatology Department began operations in Trauma Clinic at the National Leprosy Control Centre (KKN) Sungai Buloh in July 2006 while the Clinic began operations on August 17, 2006. The department took a step forward with the start of the In Patient Services on 11 September 2006 with the opening of wards surgical Ward 4B. Since then, the burden of patients in this department increased drastically and become busy departments with heavy workloads. To continue to provide quality treatment services, the decision was made to open man's orthopedic ward on 23 January 2007. The workload is already high, catalysed by opening Services Operation Theatre on 13th November 2006.

The department started with one clinic, two wards with 28 beds, two emergency operating theater, theater 2 am, and the daily operation theater. There are two emergency operating theater at the Emergency Department that can be used to treat emergency cases trauma.

Now the Sungai Buloh Hospital is an accredited hospital that also conducts training programs for would-be experts in spinal surgery and train the Malaysian Medical Officer Graduate Training at the Sungai Buloh Hospital is also a point of reference for most cases of spinal complex in the region. In addition, the department also has experts who are qualified in the field of surgery Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy and Sports, including Sports Medicine Service.


We will provide world-class service, and teamwork to share innovative vision based on a 'patient-centered care, through research and academic process, with the help of information technology in the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology.


  • Capable of achieving 'holistic patient care' through the latest technology and work closely with relevant agencies .Berupaya achieve a 'Centre of Excellence' in the treatment of trauma and the 'spine' sub-specialty in addition to serving a quality and comprehensive treatment.
  • Capable of teamwork and working with the community in general, in promoting optimal care.
  • Attempts to introduce culture in which every employee is valued and respected.
  • Attempting to create a conducive environment for research and scientific processes at all levels in the field of medicine.
  • The ability to apply information technology to treat patients with efficient and achieve customer satisfaction in health care.
  • Attempting to move the individual to turn a healthy culture for achieving excellence eternal life and eternal.

The Objective of the Department

To provide quality, efficient, save costs, and innovative, with the application of appropriate technology as:

  • The national referral center for the 'complex spinal cord problems.
  • National reference center for minimally invasive spine surgery.
  • The national referral center for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of the Spine.
  • National training center for spinal surgery subspecialty training "spine surgery"
  • National training center in the post-basic spine surgery for medical assistants and nurses.
  • The national referral center for the "Research in Spinal Cord Injuries & Nerve Stem Cell Regeneration".
  • International Centre for spine surgery fellowship twinning with foreign accredited centers spine.
  • Services Extended Spinal Care 'at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Bahiyah Alor Setar Kedah.
  • The national referral center for "General Trauma" and "Complex Fractures".
  • Training centers and services in the field "Primary Joint Replacement" and "Sports and arthroscopic surgery."


Orthopedic and Traumatology Department is located at the Sungai Buloh Hospital and consists of:

  • Orthopaedic Clinic at Level 1
  • Orthopaedic Ward at Level 5 with 56 beds
  • Orthopaedic Operating Theatre at Level 3 comprising OT11, OT12 and OT at the Day Care Operating Theatre Complex
  • OT Trauma in the Emergency Department


Orthopedic and Traumatology Department seeks to provide the following services:


  1. Clinic - Post Op. / Trauma / Sports Injury / Spinal / Satellite Trauma ED
    • Provide world-class care to all case referrals from government and private clinics, cases follow-up and referrals from outside
    • Give daily appointments for elective cases (daycare) and minor surgery cases (minor surgical cases)
  2. In Patient Ward services & 'Step-Down Care' (Extended Care)
    • Provide treatment and medical input and orthopedic surgery for patients in the ward and also the reference of the external position
    • Making ward rounds twice a day
    • Meeting every morning before Passover ward rounds
    • Implementing Rehabilitation Program for trauma patients, spinal injury, tetraplegic and paraplegic patients by working with rehabilitation team    

Surgery Service

  1. trauma Surgery
    • Perform all major and minor surgery for all trauma cases involving the musculoskeletal system, joint and nervous systems
    • Providing a 24-hour surgery in Trauma Operation Theatre for all emergency cases
  2. General Orthopaedic Surgery
    • Perform general orthopedic surgery, Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement, Ganglion and others
  3. Sports Injuries Surgery
    • Perform surgery such as ACL, PCL, Meniscus Replacement Autologous Chondrcytes and all diagnostic and therapeutic surgery for elektive or emergency.
  4. Spinal Surgery
    • Minimally Invasive Spinal Operation
    • scoliosis
    • Degenerative Spine Disease
    • Trauma and Spinal Injuries
    • Spinal Infection
  5. Day Care Surgery
    • arthroscopy
    • Intraarticular injections
    • A facet joint block
    • Spine Epidural Injections
  6. Wound Care Management
    • Wound Care Clinic
    • Wound Care Day Procedure
    • Diabetic Foot Clinic
    • Mobile Wound Care
    • Wound Care Counselling

Continuous Medical Educations Sessions

  1. CME Department
    • 'Mortality Review' weekly
    • CME monthly for Graduate Medical Officer and Medical Officer
    • CME sessions for medical assistants and nurses
    • Teaching Round / Grand Ward Round involving all levels of employees
    • Research and Journal Reading Session Meeting
  2. CME by the Medical Industries
    • Conducted to increase knowledge of all employees in terms of instruments, medication, procedure, surgical techniques and other
  3. Workshops
    • Hands On and Training on 'Bone Saw' or 'Cadaver' after the session or drug product in Bone Lab
    • CME - Orthopaedic Post Basic Lectures - College of Allied Health Sciences
  4. Talks were given by the Specialist, Medical Officer and senior Paramedic trouble to ensure employees can work more efficiently in the future.
  5. Patients for Patient Education
    • Perform 'patient education' for the outpatient ward and the ward including screening for diseases such as scoliosis


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