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Department of Ophthalmology



Since opening on August 16, the Department of Ophthalmology has grown rapidly in 2007. In addition to the improvement and enhancement of services in place since the opening of the eye clinic, a new service that has been in service `Cornea` start in 2007. This is due to the Sungai Buloh Hospital has been identified by the Ministry of Health Malaysai as `` Centre of excellence` for Cornea`.

Pakar` Cornea` formerly served on the Kuala Lumpur Hospital was transferred to hospital. The department has created its own history on 14 February 2007 when the first `Transplant` Cornea was carried out in hospital. 2009 also saw the arrival of an increasing number of patients significantly improved sekali.Prosedur that run.


Creating a center kecermalangan in eye care to ensure optimal quality eye care to all layers of society.


Providing care, surgery and rehabilitation professionals to adopt the latest technology and safe and the staff are well trained and customer friendly.

The Objective of the Department

  • To provide prevention, detection, early treatment, surgery and rehabilitation effective and efficient so that cases can be reduced kacacatan vision.
  • Enhancing the quality of life of patients with optimal eye care services.
  • Maintaining and enhancing the effectiveness of ophthalmology services in order to become a leading reference center and main.
  • To create awareness among the public about the diseases both eyes and its complications and how to prevent it.
  • Being a research and training center for officers and employees of the service points.
  • Establishing customer friendly attitude and foster feelings of goodwill between akum and serving the interests of religion, race and country.

Main Functions

  • Provides eye care to outpatient and internal.
  • Examine and treat cases of reference Having regard to eye problems.
  • Provide eye surgery on cases that need.
  • Provides care - a special clinic that Rop, glaucoma and diabetic retinopatyh.
  • Provides vision testing services, refraction limited vision, Orthotic and contact lenses.
  • Provides keunseling, consultation and health Pebdidikan Amata.
  • Provide education and continuous learning Melaluai cme, and the CNE to kakaitangan clinic.

Service Department

Among the services provided ophthalmology department.

  • Outpatient Services
  • Patient in
  • Surgery Services.
  • `Cornea` service.
  • Optometry services.
  • Laser services.

1.Outpatient Services

The department serves as a clinical specialist who only receive patients referred by a doctor from the department etc.Each new cases must first obtain a referral from any expert or whether the Medical Officer of Government Hospital, Private, government clinics or private clinics.

Patients who have a referral letter will be given an appointment date either by dating their own or get it melalaui tetefon. Emergency cases will be given priority in which these cases were treated on the same day. The number of outpatient clinics at each session is limited depending on the number of existing doctor. This is to ensure that every patient receives the best treatment and the best possible.

However, this department also be concerned about the elderly and children by giving priority queue gets treatment from the Medical Officer. By this time they wait for treatment can be accelerated. Most cases were treated at the Outpatient Clinic is composed of follow-up cases, surgical cases.

2.Inpatient Services

Cases that require further treatment or need eye surgery will be entered into the ward. Among the ward provided the ward 4B (male), 5B (women) and 8C (kids).

3.Services Surgery

Eye surgery carried out on the Council and the Board of Surgery Daily Eye Surgery Minor. Day surgery is carried on every day for elective cases. Emergency cases can be done at any time either during office hours or after office hours and on public holidays.

Cases who underwent surgery under local anesthesia (LA) is carried out in the Surgical Day, on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday while undergoing surgery in medico-legal cases an anesthetic (GA), conducted on Wednesday and Friday.

Surgeries performed in `Day Care Surgery` (only local anesthesia for surgery) where patients undergo eye surgery without hospitalization.


`Cornea` service is the main goal of this department, which department receive` cornea` cases from around the country including Sabah and Sarawak, between services rendered 1. `Cornea Topography` 2 ,. `System` Eyesis Cornea Analysis 3. Specular Microscope`.

5.Services Optometry

Services available this unit is frfraksi, tests and `` Visual Field` Keratometry`. Tool-tool available here such as `A-Scan, Scan AB ,, Hess Chart, Sidek Autorefractometer, Sidek Lensmeter, Sidek Auto Chart Projector, Humphrey Visual Field Anaiyzer and Bjerrum Cahrt`. Patients are required to obtain an appointment date before using these services.

6.Laser Services

Department of Ophthalmology Hospital Sungai Buloh provide treatment services Leser1 type `` Diode` / Argon and type `` laser` YAG`.

7.ROP Services

Ophthalmology Department is also cooperating closely with the Department of `Paedeatrik` and NICU in early detection and prevention of Premature`` Retinopathy (ROP) by doing `Lesar` if necessary.


Talian Utama: 03-61454333
Fax: 03-61454222


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