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Department of Emergency & Trauma



Department of Emergency and Trauma Hospital Sungai Buloh provide 24-hour emergency service to a population of around Sungai Buloh and some adjacent areas and is responsible for conducting the preliminary assessment, treatment, stabilization, and placement of surgical and medical emergencies. Emergency and Trauma Department also provides a safe environment and an efficient emergency care as well as clinical management audit and penyelidikan.Perkhidmatan given is based on a comprehensive plan includes the operation Pre Hospital, resuscitation, stabilization and management of care 'definitive', Integrated Service Center ( OSCC), and control perubatan.Perawatan team is based on the severity of the patient and the clinical condition of the patient requires management pesakit.Plan widespread approach includes customer focus, quality of care, good health and dignity of patients. In addition, several other approaches for patients such as health education activities. He became perkhidmatran activities in the Emergency Department and Trauma Hospital Sungai Buloh khususnya.Oleh as included in the Klang Valley area network, the Emergency Department and Trauma serves as a help when disaster strikes.


Department of Emergency & Trauma provide care that is efficient, safe and friendly environment with a raised level of quality, respect for the dignity of the patient, responsible and courteous.


We are committed to:

  • Management provide timely, appropriate and focus on the patient and the family and makes the Emergency Department is a safe place to give care to the patient.
  • Providing proper planning for patients to seek advice from the unit or other disciplines and promises to be an effective treatment, saving time and costs.
  • In cooperation with local and national communities, non-governmental sector (private) and help rescue others to create awareness about emergency care services in particular.
  • Provide clinical services, social services and services based on continuous learning "Clinical Practice Guidelines" (CPG) and the extensive religious retreat session.

The Objective of the Department

The objective of the Department of Emergency & Trauma is providing comprehensive emergency care in the Charter.

  • Provide quality emergency services, expertise to patients or clients through teamwork and applying appropriate technologies.
  • Ensuring and equipping all members of the Emergency Department with the knowledge and skills so that the services provided are efficient, accurate and secure.
  • Encourage research and audit to maintain and improve service quality.
  • Creating an atmosphere of teamwork among members of the Emergency Department and customers by being a caring and professional

Services Provided

  • Pre Hospital Care service and ambulance service call. Sungai Buloh scope of the service area is within a 25 kilometer radius. Hospital emergency department or other agencies to coordinate the response of the scope of the case if more than 25 kilometers from the Sungai Buloh Hospital. These services include resuscitation, stabilization at the scene and transport the patient to a hospital or hospital-related.
  • Emergency Care Services. All patients will be screened by an assistant medical officer before being seen by a medical officer. Patients will be screened according to three categories based on the "Malaysian Triage Category" of the Red Zone, Yellow Zone and Green Zone. Patients will continue to zones that have been set for treatment, the right advice and the right. Department of Emergency & Trauma provides comprehensive care include:
    • Resussitasi and stabilization of the patient,
    • Diagnostic and interventional procedures.
    • The definitive treatment.
    • Asthma treatment.
    • Observation ward
    • Emergency surgery (Board of Trauma Surgery)
  • Integrated Service Center (One Stop Crisis Centre) (OSCC) Crisis Centre (OSCC) to coordinate with other departments or agencies for the management of cases of rape, child abuse and domestic fights.
  • Disaster Management Department of Emergency & Trauma coordinate disaster management either in or outside the area.
  • Medicolegal examination Medicolegal carry out inspections together with other units and provide medical reports. vi. Emergency Medical Coordination Centre (Call Centre) Act as the Medical Coordination Center for external references. It also acts as an emergency ambulance service coordination area around Sungai Buloh.
  • The zones are provided.
  1. Green Zone (the zone is not critical)
    • Cases are stable and viewed by members of the emergency within 30 minutes while the registration is done and will be seen by a medical officer in 90 minutes.
    • The case will be referred from the Green Zone to the other units will be seen within 1 hour.
    • For cases that need to go into hospital but need advice before entering into wards, the unit should respond in less than 20 minutes after the reference was made.
  2. Yellow Zone (Zone Semi-Critical)
    • Emergency personnel should provide emergency care to patients in the Yellow Zone less than 10 minutes.
    • All cases have been referred to another unit to continue or even hospitalization, the unit must see the patient within 30 minutes.
  3. Red Zone (Critical Zone)
    • Emergency personnel should provide emergency care to patients in the Red Zone (Response time 0 minutes)
    • The response time for medical officers from other units come see the patient is 15 minutes after the reference was made.
    • All cases were referred from the Red Zone should be checked by an experienced medical officer of the unit. Trainee Medical Officer or Medical Officer recently not allowed to see the patient in the Red Zone but there is a Physician or a senior medical officer in the same unit.
    • Early involvement of experts in handling emergency care in the Red Zone is the best.



Main Line: 03-61454333
Fax: 03-61454222


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