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Department of Pediatrics



Department of Paediatrics & Neonatology began service in August 2006 in which the service began with outpatient services in Clinical Pediatrics. On 11 September 2006 inpatient services was initiated by transferring patients from the National Leprosy Control Centre to the new Sungai Buloh Hospital. Treatment of pediatric patients equipped with clinics and hospital wards. The hospital has a general pediatric ward located on the eighth floor (Ward 8C) and NICU ward located on the second floor to provide inpatient services, while the Pediatric Clinic is located on the first floor to provide outpatient care


  • We will strive to provide high quality services and monitoring the goal on par with both.
  • We also recognize that each individual is different and we will respect and protect the rights of individuals.
  • We will be as the 'advocate' for special children and children who are less fortunate.
  • We will work with members of other professionals to improve the quality of service in this position.
  • We will accept the responsibility to patients, family members and the community involved.
  • We will ensure a good environment for continuous learning opportunities in every category members.
  • We will ensure that the environment in these positions is dynamic and healthy for all members to work together.
  • We will ensure that all services provided are of the latest and 'cost-effective'.


The department provides comprehensive health services to children and their parents / guardians at the hospital and in the community based on the latest technology and customer oriented.


  • Provide medical services for 'Evidenced- Base "
  • Provide health care based on the individual patient and family members
  • Instill a sense of pride among members who served in the department
  • Conducts audits on the service provided from time to time for improvement
  • Promote continuous learning activities among members to enhance service quality

Services Provided

A. Patient

  • Pediatric patients admitted to Ward 8C and NICU
  • Treat patients referred by doctors in the Emergency Department
  • Caring for babies in the postnatal ward
  • Caring for babies born in the delivery room
  • Examine and treat infants newborn through surgery
  • Provide counseling services to mothers at high risk

B. Outpatient

  • Treating pediatric patients new
  • Treating pediatric patients repeat
  • Running repeat treatment for premature babies 'multi-disciplinary' together with the Department of Rehabilitation.

C. Grant 'sedation' for pediatric patients undergoing radiological tests


Main Line: 03-61454333
Fax: 03-61454222


No Name Position Cont'd E-mail
1 Dr. Jamaluddin bin Haji Mohamad Head of the Department of Pediatrics 2246 -

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