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Department of General Medicine



Department of Medicine is one of the largest department once held at the Sungai Buloh Hospital. Service departments include General Medicine and Disease Berjangkit.Penubuhan Medical Department is to provide the best medical care to patients, not only by officials but also by medical physicians.


  • Provide health services that emphasize customer-focused welfare effectively, efficiently and without borders.
  • Providing quality services berlantarkan science and technology into existence.
  • Promote research activities and auditing.


Department of Medicine HSB will become a center of excellence in:

  • The provision of services.
  • Health care.
  • Customer oriented quality management.

The Objective of the Department

  • Providing quality medical services, expertise to patients or clients through teamwork and the use of appropriate technology
  • Ensuring and equipping all members of the Department of Medicine with knowledge and skills so that the services provided are efficient, accurate and safe
  • Encourage research and audit to maintain and improve the quality of service
  • Creating an atmosphere of teamwork among members of the Department of Medicine and customers to adopt a caring attitude and professional

The Objective of the Division/Unit

  • To provide medical expertise include treatment of heart disease, respiratory, endocrine, neorology, nephrology, etc.
  • To raise public awareness of the importance of seeking medical treatment as soon as possible and take more responsibility for their health care.
  • Provide medical services in the field of infectious diseases quality, expertise to patients or clients through teamwork and by being caring and professional
  • Provides advanced counseling services and 24-hour service for emergency cases
  • Ensuring and equipping all members of the unit of infectious diseases with the knowledge and skills in order to provide an efficient, accurate and safe
  • To provide infection control in hospitals and control the use of antibiotics on a reasonable
  • Develop a policy and preventive measures that are reasonable from the spread of infectious diseases if there are "outbreak" dangerous infections
  • Provide training in infectious diseases
  • Provide training for counseling for HIV cases.
  • Encourage research and audit to maintain and improve the quality of service of infectious diseases

Service Provided

  • Counseling services for patients with HIV and the importance of a new treatment for patients following a replay.
  • Service "Post-exposure prophylaxis" to "Needle stick injury" among residents of Sungai Buloh Hospital.
  • Prevention of infection in the event of outbreaks of infectious diseases. Service "isolation ward" for the "outbreak of infection.
  • Provide advisory services for the handling of cases of infectious disease whether in the ward or clinic.
  • To provide "Infection Control" and the use of appropriate antibiotics.
  • Provide treatment to patients referred for settlement of the problem and provide appropriate treatment.
  • Provide advisory services for patients with chronic diseases.
  • Provide advice on the prevention of disease.


Main Line: 03-61454333
Fax: 03-61454222

1 Dr. Christopher Lee Kwok Chong Ketua Jabatan Perubatan Am 2204 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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