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Engineering & Privatization Division


Engineering Division and Privatization established under Section Operations, Engineering Services Division, Ministry of Health, whose role is to perform the duties and responsibilities of overseeing the implementation of the Hospital Support Services Concessionaires (Radicare (M) Sdn. Bhd.)


Working closely with concessionaires and consultants Hospital in drafting and monitoring the operation of the hospital and its assets are at an optimal level in providing good and effective service to society in general and patients in general.


Engineering and Privatization Unit will ensure that the services provided by the Company with the quality Concessionaires are: -

  • Monitor and coordinate services hospital facilities, medical conditions and non-medical equipment, cleaning, linen and disposal of medical waste is managed effectively
  • Monitor all complaints made by users acted in accordance with a specific time period
  • Creating smart partnership between the Hospital Management and Alert System Consultant Hospital (Health) in managing the privatized services.
  • The government spent ensuring that the provisions of the Concessionaires is optimal and prudent


  • Oversee and monitor the implementation of the program for comprehensive service, support Hospital
  • To protect the interests of the Ministry of Health and Hospitals users to ensure compliance with the terms stipulated in the Concession Agreement
  • Hospital support services efficiently managed, safe and effective.

Support Services Category

  1. Engineering Services Facility Management (Facility Engineering Management Services) FEMS. -Manage All hospital facilities including infrastructure and public facilities as well as fire prevention system.
  2. Service Management Biomedical Engineering (Biomedical Engineering Management Services) BEMS -Responsible For all instruments of medical equipment in hospital.
  3. Linen and laundry service (Linen & Laundry Services) LLS -Management And supply of hospital linen including bed sheets, clothes patients, operating room linen and other items that require -Services pendobian.
  4. Cleaning Services (Cleansing) -Provide Cleaning indoor areas and ensure the cleanliness of the hospital are at high level and the maintenance of hygiene standards are in accordance with standard industrial environments (industrially clean environment).
  5. Clinical Waste Management Services (Clinical Waste Management System) CWMS.

    -Manage The disposal of clinical waste including hospital clinics Health and Dental near beginning of the process of collection, storage and shipment of waste for the purpose of burning out where he followed the example of the Department of Environment.


Roles And Responsibilities Engineering Division

  • In cooperation with Health Consultant in check and ensure that payments made to the concessionaires of the five service are accurate and comply with the terms stipulated in the Concession Agreement.
  • Visits and spot checks and periodic Hospital support services involved.
  • Coordination and Validation meetings to discuss issues related to support services and cutting service fee if any.
  • Help carry out the monitoring of the course work building maintenance, system installation, plant and equipment machinery / mechanical, electrical and biomedical during the Defects Liability Period (DLP) for Hospital / New Facilities
  • Assist in reviewing performance, technical reports, report the incident (Incident Report) for the services of Hospital Engineering.
  • Seek the views and suggestions of the company or project consultant HEALTHY against yanmg issues involving the scope of work and other alternative solution if the current facilities have failed.
  • Help with the 'Certificate of Disposal' (PEP) for equipment machinery / mechanical, electrical and biomedical related, when necessary. Verify the Certificate of Disposal (PEP) equipment machinery / mechanical.
  • Providing technical advice and professional services to the Hospital Director of Hospital Engineering, minor engineering works and the purchase and replacement of equipment.
  • Ensure that training sessions are conducted periodically to users for increased understanding and efficiency of user support services Hospital costs incurred by concessionaires.

Officials at the Engineering Division

Main Line: 03-61454333 Ext: 2940/4224/2245
Fax: 03-61454222

NoName Position E-mail
1 En. Muhammad Zafir Bin Mohd Noor Engineer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2 Mrs. Nurul Shahida Bt Mohamad Assistant Engineer -
3 En. Ahmad Jazmi b. Othman Administrative Assistant (P / O) N22 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
4 En. Mohamad Tarmizie b. Md Khanafi Administrative Assistant (P / O) Grade N17 -


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